Azub Bike

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Czech Republic
Uherský Brod
tadpole trikes, offroad trikes

Azub is a Czech trike brand that is known for its custom built and off-road trikes. 

Azub Bike

Azub is a Czech trike brand with extensive market in the country and in the USA. 


One specialty is the focus on off-road capabilities and they have created some trikes that are unique in this regard like the Ti-Fly X. 


Besides trikes, Azub also makes recumbent bikes. Their main market is however trikes and in that market, the most famous trike model lines are the Ti-FLY, the T-Tris and the Tricon.

In comparison to HP, the trikes are often larger and better suitable for off-road, but less transportable. Yet, the devil is always in the detail…

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