Hase Bikes

Country City Specialisation
Waltrop (Ruhr)
mostly delta trikes, but a variety of tandem, delta, tadpole and other specialty bikes

Hase Bikes is the brainchild of Marec Hase who participated (and won) several Jugend Forscht high school competitions with his innovative trike designs. He founded the company in 1994 and has built it up to a leading German trike and specialty bike company on par with HP. Since then, the company is established as a top trike manufacturer globally. 

Hase Bikes

The delta trikes are often easy to ride and comfortable, while not maximising speed. 

This is especially useful for comfortable rides and Hase Trikes are best suitable for people that do not want to get into a tadpole. 

The most famous product lines are clearly the Kettwiesel and the comfortable Lepus.

Furthermore, Hase offers cargo bikes and tandems as well as other trike models.

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