HP Velotechnik

Country City Specialisation
Kriftel (Frankfurt)
tadpole trikes especially full suspension tadpole trikes

HP Velotechnik is one of the leading tadpole brands in the world. This German trike brand sells thousands of trikes through its extensive network of dealers, especially in Europe and the US. 

In this sense, it is one of the largest if not the largest tadpole trike brand globally.

HP Velotechnik

The company is most famous for its Scorpion line of full suspension trikes and is a leader in foldable trikes. 

The trikes have been proven for years and dominate many European markets. Prices however are rather high, especially adding several extras to it. 

Some of the best sellers are the Scorpion fs 20 and Scorpion fs 26

A new development is the Delta tx

HP Velotechnik Models