Trike Brands

In the adult tricycle world, there is a constant innovation drive and change cycle that puts a lot of emphasis on brands to keep up their game. On the other hand, trikes are often more expensive than road bikes and brands signal which ones are better suited for users as there are often only limited options to try out many different brands in one store. Still, the best way to find what is suitable for you is to do long, extended rides on rented trikes. 

There are hundreds of trike brands, so take this list as a first attempt to look into some of these more closely! 

Tadpole Trike Brands 


ICE trikes is the main UK brand for recumbent, tadpole trikes. Some of the racing versions are blazingly fast and ICE is well-known for its good quality. There is also a network of vendors and spare parts, especially in the UK. ICE is also a leader in comfortable seats. So if you want to sit on a sofa while cycling, definitely check out ICE trikes. 

HP Velotechnik

This German manufacturer might have 80% market share in central Europe. They have been pioneers in many innovations like suspension and folding trikes and keep innovating. Especially in Germany, Switzerland and surrounding countries, HP Velotechnik has a closely-knit network of vendors and partners.


The Czech brand AZUB has grown a lot in recent years and has become quite large especially in the US. There, it is also known for its off road tricycle and specialty trikes. Like ICE and HP, Azub also offers trikes with full suspension. 


Finally, Catrike is a US brand of high quality recumbent trikes. These trikes are often a bit cheaper and easier compared to the European brands, but do not get it wrong, it is a lot of fun to ride a Catrike. 

Trident Trikes

Another US brand for recumbent trikes. Again, this is cheaper than the HP, ICE or AZUB option with a little less bells and whistles, but maybe just about right for you! Check out their dealer network and see where you can test ride one of their trikes. 

Delta Trike Brands


Hase has been another pioneer for the trike scene. Not only in terms of sturdy, strong delta trikes, but also in bringing the trike world together as Hase was closely related to the Spezi bike fair in Germany. The Kettwiesel is still one of the most bought delta trikes out there. 


Hard to classify this brand as Sunseeker has both tadpole and delta options. Still, it is more well known for their delta option trikes.